Violet du Bordeaux or Negronne Fig Plant – 2.5″ Pot – SHIPS 2022


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PLEASE NOTE: We are in zone 5b/6a and our greenhouses temperatures are kept at slightly above freezing. All plants shipping January-March are DORMANT. They will begin to regrow in spring or sooner if you are in a warmer climate.

Violette du Bordeaux or Negronne fig plants are shorter-statured than most other fig varieties. An excellent choice for patios or outdoor container growing in cold climates. The outer skins of the ripened, large fruits appears deep purple to almost black. The inside flesh is ruby red and honey sweet, some say the best tasting of all figs.

Figs like a full day of sun.
Bears fruit at 1-2 years old in late July – August and will yield about 10 to 15 lb of fruit at maturity.

1 plant in a 2.5″ pot.

Zones 7-10

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