Cafe au Lait Dahlia Plant 3″ pot


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Gorgeous 7″ flowers ranging from light pink to a creamy mocha, no two flowers are the same in this unique variety.

Flower type: dinnerplate
Flower size: up to 10 inches
Plant Height: 4 – 5′

Dahlias are perennial but not cold hardy. You can overwinter tubers in the ground in Zone 8 or warmer. For colder climates, tubers can be dug after frost and stored indoors over winter.

Please note – Plant outside once the danger of frost has passed and soil temperature has reached approximately 60°.

Plant Height: Approx. 36”

Includes 1 plant in a 3″ container. Will flower this year and form tubers over the summer that can be left in the ground in zone 8 or warmer or dug up and stored in colder climates.





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