4 Types of Garlic Bulbils: Carpathian, Killarney Red, Metechi and Chesnok Red


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This listing is for garlic bulbils NOT garlic heads. We also sell heads of garlic…see our other listings.

CARPATHIAN GARLIC: Rocambole hardneck garlic. Rich, sweet flavor. This is an excellent tasting garlic. White-wrapped bulbs that hold 8-9 large cloves clothed in copper skin that is easy to peel. This is one of the larger sized rocamboles. Some of the bulbils are almost the same size as a garlic clove. Stores 5 to 6 months.

KILLARNEY GARLIC: Rocambole hardneck garlic. Strong, nutty flavor. Cooking enhances its sweetness. White-wrapped bulbs that hold 8-6 large cloves clothed in pink skin that is easy to peel. Well adapted to wet conditons. Stores 5 to 6 months.

METECHI GARLIC: Marbled Purple Stripe hardneck garlic. Fiery hot with a lasting spice. Cooking tones down the heat. White-wrapped bulbs that hold 4-6 bulky cloves clothed in blushed skin with purple accents. Exceptionally cold-hardy. Stores 8 to 9 months.

CHESNOK RED GARLIC: Purple Stripe hardneck garlic. Very large violet bulbs that are easy to peel, long cloves with beautiful purple stripes and mild flavor. Adapted to many regions, tolerates cold. Stores 6 to 7 months.

You will need patience to grow garlic using bulbils. Garlic grown from cloves matures into a full head of garlic in one season. Bulbils will take 2 to 3 seasons to fully mature. They will first create a small single bulb the first year and sometimes the 2nd year as well before growing a full head of garlic.

The benefit of garlic bulbils is that they are an inexpensive way to grow lots of varieties of garlic. They also seem to adapt to individual climates better.

Plant your bulbils in either the fall or the spring, in the ground or in containers. I prefer containers the first year to keep track of where they are.

Our garlic is grown naturally, without chemicals or pesticides.
Includes 15 Carpathian bulbils, 20 Killarney Red bulbils, 20 Metechi bulbils and 25 Chesnok bulbils.

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