The Ancona duck was developed in Great Britain during the early twentieth century. They are an excellent dual purpose duck. They lay (even in winter), usually about 260 jumbo white or blue eggs per year. Their meat quality is excellent and very flavorful. It is less fatty than the Pekin duck. It weighs out at about 4lbs dressed weight at around 16 weeks of age.

Their broken color pattern comes in black and white, blue and white, chocolate and white, lavender and white, silver and white, and multicolored.

Ancona ducks are typically calm and make good backyard ducks because they don’t fly and they stay close to home.

Duck eggs (for cooking/baking) – 1 dozen: $5

Ducklings: $8 each

Free- Range Duck meat: $4.50/pound

To order, contact us via email: or call 845.423.6016.

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