Free reservations can be made by filling out our Kidding Reservation Form. If your reservation becomes available, we will contact you, and you’ll have the option to put down a $50 deposit to hold until weaning. Deposits must be paid within 5 days of receiving notice. Reservation deposits not paid on time will be deemed void. Prices on unreserved kids may go up as performance awards are given, when milk stars are earned, and after our Linear Appraisal session.

We reserve the right to retain any animal born on our farm, for any reason, at any time up until a sale is finalized.

The buyer is responsible for arranging pickup prior to 10 weeks of age for kids, or within 2 weeks for adults. After 10 weeks of age, or 2 weeks for adults, a $3 a day boarding fee will be charged. If goats are not picked up 2 weeks after scheduled time, the sale will become void and your deposit will be not be returned.

The buyer is responsible for all transport fees and arrangements, including any interstate shipping requirements.

All kids will come with registration for ADGA or AGS before they leave the farm unless otherwise specified. Kids will be disbudded, tattooed, and vaccinated for CD&T prior to pickup. All wethers will be banded prior to leaving. Goats are guaranteed healthy at the time of sale. The buyer and the seller will inspect the animal at time of pickup. Any animal that does not appear to be in good health will not leave the farm. The health of the animal is the responsibility of the buyer once it leaves our farm.

We are available to answer questions and provide support to buyers.

Deposits will not be refunded if buyer cancels the sale. If an animal becomes sick or injured while on our premises or otherwise becomes unavailable, you may request that your deposit is refunded, applied to another available goat, or rolled over to the next breeding season.

Deposit and final payment must be paid by cash, Google Pay or PayPal unless otherwise agreed upon.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

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