Arctic Raspberries – Rubus arcticus x stellarcticus – 2 Plants – SHIPS SPRING 2023


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Arctic Raspberries (Rubus arcticus x stellarcticus) are a low growing groundcover developed in Sweden. They only grow 3” to 5” tall and make a dense mat of bright green leaves and NO THORNS. In late spring, pinkish lavender flowers appear, followed by sweet, red raspberry fruits by mid-summer. Each plant can produce up to one pound of ripe berries. The Fall color is amazing as the foliage changes to crimson and burgundy. In winter, the plants die back but they regrow in the spring.

Hardy in zones 1-7

Includes 2 labeled plants of either ‘Anna’, ‘Beta’, ‘Sophia’ or ‘Valentina’ in 2.5″ pots.

Arctic Raspberries need a cross-pollinator to set fruit so you will receive 2 different plants from the varieties mentioned above. Each plant will be labeled with the name so you will know the varieties you are receiving.

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